Divinity is a collaborative project with Diyana Maya, together we created a rebrand for the salon Divinity. The goal of this project was to create a space that is upscale, relaxing, and have a more intimate experience than other salons. The rebrand allows the client to experience a more elegant and divine side of the brand.


Toast La Tea is a local bubble tea shop in Portland, Oregon. The goal of this rebrand is to make Toast La Tea’s visual identity cohesive and make Toast La Tea an inviting place for customers to come in and feel relaxed and rid them of their worries. A place of comfort, content and be pampered and feel their mood get lifted. The targeted audience of Toast La Tea are those on a bridge between childhood and adulthood, they are the ones who appreciate the sophisticated things in life while also not being able to let go of the innocence of childhood.


This magazine is the destination for visitors to view the latest fashion, art, design and music. The mission and the most important aspect of the magazine is the latest development within the art, music, design. lifestyle, and fashion world. The magazine is a source for inspiration among fashion impresarios, trendsetters and many more individuals who enjoys this type of media. The audience is primarily people in their teens and twenties (young adults) who are interested in street wear, and fashion following the latest trends. The theme for this month’s issue is regarding the upcoming artists who are making it in the industry along with the forthcoming trends and news in fashion designers.

The aesthetic approach for this magazine is modern and content centered around art, fashion and music perhaps. This issue will focus on a Nike like inspired aesthetic and a lot of experimental elements. A type of aesthetic that is odd however understood by fans who follow the culture of fashion, music, and sneakers in the streetwear world. Something organic and expressive in its own way. This issue will render with various artwork and special packaging dedicated to craft. The magazine will include interviews and stories.